Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 100, Fuji FP-100c

Our three-year-old planted some radish seeds in paper cups at his day care nearly two months ago.  A couple weeks later he brought the seedlings home and we planted them in our nearly empty garden box.

He has excitedly watered them every day since, in the morning or in the afternoon.  Now here we are with the fruits… er, make that vegetables of his labor harvested!

The weather has been warming up here and the sun is seeming brighter.  This makes me think that it is pack film season again, as for some reason I am more inclined to use my Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras when it is nice and hot out.

The instant pack film really likes direct sunlight, and develops better (or at least faster) when it isn't cold.  It is probably just a psychological barrier, but I tend not to use it in the winter months.

I took this shot using the close-up adapter which lets you get right up to your subject.  I could have actually gotten closer, but wanted to frame the radishes along with their greens.

The depth of field gets very shallow the closer you get, so while the front of the leaves are in focus the rest is blurred to one extent or another.  I like the effect in this case as it focuses attention on the details in the greens.

My Dad gave me the camera, its official Polaroid case, and a handful of accessories some time back.  I have gradually collected the rest of its vintage accessories and now my collection is complete!

I am overdue for a vintage equipment post so will have to show it all off some time soon.

Written by Bubble Level

Jamie Zucek lives in California and enjoys film and digital photography, collecting and shooting vintage and modern cameras whenever he can.

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