Still a Flickr Fan


I have read lots of doom and gloom about the recent major changes to Flickr.  However I have to say that I am personally a fan of the new tile view.

In fact I was inspired enough to clean up the mess that my collections and sets had become.

The new tile view encourages scrolling through large quantities of images.  Therefore I deleted almost 100 sets and replaced them with 17 public ones and a number of others just for family shots.

I never ever used the old set/page views, instead viewing my images via the excellent FlickStackr app.  But now I do any serious browsing via the native Flickr interface.

About the only other thing I had to change was my profile image which was terribly low resolution.  I went back to the original file, re-cropped it and uploaded it again as seen above.

I haven't shot my vintage Canon IV-S rangefiner in a long time, but it has a classic profile that serves to show off my bubble level!

Roll In A Day

Lomography Sprocket Rocket, Fujicolor Pro 400H

Yikes, the last few weeks have been busy, and I don't mean photographically.

The daily grind has been keeping me busy, and favorite time of the year (ahem…) has come and gone.  Thankfully I wrapped up our tax return the other night and I can put that behind me until next year.

I need some kind of project to pull me back into my photography and I think Roll In A Day / A Day In A Roll is just the thing I need.

The premise is simple:  Load a roll of film into your camera and shoot it all in one designated day.  Process, scan, and upload the film to your Flickr stream, warts and all.

That's right, upload the whole roll, from shots worthy of being World Press Photo of the Year to bungled exposures.  Join the Flickr group and try to upload your images within one week of the scheduled day.

The next scheduled day is this Saturday March 24th.  I look forward to seeing what all the participants come up with.

I don't think I am going to do anything special this day (like say go on a day trip to Yosemite or even just visit San Francisco).  But it will be fun to capture my day's events in 36 exposures, being as creative as I can be in the process.

P.S. I excitedly told my Dear Sweet Wife about Roll in A Day only to find out she knew about it already.  At least I joined the Flickr group before she did!