Spin Spin Spin

iPhone 4S, Hipstamatic app

We hit one of our favorite San Francisco spots this past weekend, the Exploratorium.  Not only do kids have a blast there, but frankly adults do too.

My kids loved biting a metal rod (through a one-time-use straw) and hearing music via vibrations conducted through their jawbone.  They also spent considerable time at the above spinning platforms covered in fine sand which they could carve shapes into via long spatulas.

I had to be torn away from the sound booth creating effects for old-fashioned radio shows with metal service utensils (sword fighting), a wooden peg board (marching troops), plastic cups (horse hooves, though not quite as classy as using coconut shells), and numerous other items.

I shot a roll of Kodak T-Max P3200 B&W film inside and my first ever roll of Kodak Ektar 100 color negative film outside.  Ektar is supposed to be the most saturated color negative film, I will be curious to see how its color turns out compared to slide films.

A few more things I have been following…

I would buy a few of these vintage camera pillows, but my young boys would just use them for pillow fights.

Photographer Nadav Bagim brings together insects, flora, and moisture to create miniature wonderland shots.

Don Hong-Oai’s (1929-2004) work is getting some recent attention, he was one of the last practicers of a style combining multiple negatives and text into photographs resembling traditional Chinese paintings.


Chicago Bound

iPhone 3GS, Hipstamatic

Well, we are traveling yet again this weekend. I had a hectic week between the last trip to Southern California and this one, so unfortunately I didn’t get to scan any more of my Polaroids.

This weekend we are visiting my family in the Chicago area. While we will be here for Father’s Day, that isn’t the purpose of our visit. My Grandmother is turning 90 years old and my Uncle and Father are throwing her a big party. But the side effect is that I will also spend Father’s Day with my Dad, a rare treat given neither of us usually travel for this holiday.

Speaking of which, my dear sweet wife added to my camera collection in honor of the holiday. I have barely played with my new toy yet and have no photos to share, but I do have a clue (or two): My test exposures were taken with my existing manual Nikkor lenses in shutter-priority and program-automatic modes…

Oh, and the above shot was simply a snapshot from the flight over the Rocky Mountains (still with snow!) using my favorite app Hipstamatic.