Nikon D300, Micro Nikkor AF-D 105mm f/2.8

I did manage to make it to the San Jose Photo Fair this past Saturday.  This was my first time and I had a blast.

I haven’t been to a camera swap meet since I was a kid.  I recall going to at least one with my dad back when he was busy getting accessories for his Canon AE-1.  (I seem to recall attending more model train shows with him than camera shows… not sure if that is accurate or not.)

I was expecting to encounter a long hall full of people selling gear from tables stuffed to the gills and that is basically what I found.  I would guess there were around 50 vendors selling almost any manner of photographic item including cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, lighting, film… you name it!

I think it was about 80% classic/vintage/film oriented, although there were some offering digital cameras and accessories as well.  I went there looking for a few specific things and while I didn’t find them, I came away quite satisfied.

I was looking for a few particular Nikkor lenses or one of Nikon’s older camera system cases (the leather kind which have lens mounts inside of them).  I didn’t have any luck there, but I did manage to find a few filters, eyepiece cups, tools, and other accessories that were on my to-buy list.

I couldn’t resist a few items which I was most certainly not looking for but which caught my eye.  I found two very nice table-top tripods; one vintage by Kodak which will make for a nice prop, the other a more modern Polaroid with nice rubber feet and a mount which rotates to avoid scuffing your camera (nice touch!).

And yes, I bought a Rollei B 35 on an impulse. I heard these were among the smallest 35mm film cameras ever produced and I couldn’t resist picking one up after some very helpful show goers walked me through their history and usage.

Ahem… I do seem to be swimming in newly acquired film cameras these days.  I think I need to re-focus my efforts (har har) on some lenses next as well as getting down to taking some photographs!

Written by Bubble Level

Jamie Zucek lives in California and enjoys film and digital photography, collecting and shooting vintage and modern cameras whenever he can.

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