Nikon FA, Nikkor C 35/2 O.C, Kodak Porta 400

Last Saturday we attended two different events, the Conference of Northern California Handweavers in Oakland as well as Maker Faire in San Mateo.  Both were full of creative people, but I have to say that the pyromania was much more prevalent at Maker Faire.

(I don't think fiber-based hobbies and fire mix all that well…)

There were several different installations (what else would you call them?) on display at Maker Faire that prominently featured flames.  I guess if you are already making a giant metal dinosaur or towering umbrella–tree then you might as well make fire come out of it, eh?

And in a darkened exhibit hall we even watched rock band ArcAttack! perform using tesla coils to amplify their musicThe arcs of lightning visibly changed along with the musical pitches: you didn't just hear the music but felt it in the air.

We had a total blast at Maker Faire, and propane-fueled jokes aside Maker Faire was full of creative inventions, do-it-yourself tools and projects, robotics, 3D printing, and tons of activities for all ages.

I highly recommend visiting one in your area next time it is around, especially if you have kids.  Our boys still can't stop talking about it and the amazing things you can make yourself using a little creativity.

It happened to be another Roll In a Day event so I took a lot of photographs, all of which are already up on Flickr.

Nikkor C 35/2 O.C

Written by Bubble Level

Jamie Zucek lives in California and enjoys film and digital photography, collecting and shooting vintage and modern cameras whenever he can.

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