Petri 7S, Kodak Gold 400

Welcome to my first blog give away, in partnership with Quilt Otaku!  To enter the contest merely comment on this post by August 3rd 2011 midnight PST, and for more details see here.

By the way, the above are examples of the Daphne and Delilah Momma and Baby Monster knitting pattern.  The yellow/green one was made by our friend So Sue for our younger son and the blue/red by my dear sweet wife for our older.

(Don’t tell them that our sons call the larger dolls “Daddy”!)

And now back to our regularly scheduled photography material…  I’m happy to report that the Petri 7S rangefinder camera is working well!

I ran one of my random junk rolls through it for test purposes, this one happened to be Kodak Gold 400.  I got it back from my nearby pharmacy hours later and all the shots came out OK.  (“Is this camera working?” shots are about all I trust to Kodak Gold and Walgreens…)

For the most part I exposed based on the Petri’s around-the-lens selenium cell ring which seemed to be metering accurately.  The above shot was an exception which I metered using my trusty Gossen Digisix.

It was taken inside with filtered light from a partially drawn curtain which was just below the sensitivity of the camera’s meter.  I wanted to test the camera’s capabilities, and this lighting called for a fully open aperture of f/1.8 at 1/60 second shutter speed.  Daylight shots at f/16 and 1/500 second came out just as well.

The shutter release and film advance worked just fine, no hint of the issue I resolved in the last post.

The only problems were that the film counter only caught about every fifth frame (by the time I was done with the 24-exposure roll it only read “5”) and the film rewind crank kept popping out as I moved the camera around.  Neither issue was a showstopper, although the “click clack” of the crank didn’t make for a silent experience.

I still have to test the Canon IV-S with the patched shutter, not to mention get even more familiar with my Nikon FA and Petri 7S.

Written by Bubble Level

Jamie Zucek lives in California and enjoys film and digital photography, collecting and shooting vintage and modern cameras whenever he can.

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  1. Susan Reply

    Awesome blog! So excited to see this picture of the monsters; I must say they are quite cute together! Keep writing, and I look forward to following your blog!

  2. Marisa Reply

    Not entering the contest here (as the hostess, of course)…but had to comment that I’m your biggest fan, and love to see your photographic work. Thanks for turing the lens on our family in such a flattering fashion. xo

  3. Bubble Level Reply

    Thank you Susan and Honey for the lovely dolls! The boys haven’t slept without them since they received them. Although when they are awake I think they focus more on torturing them.
    And they make excellent test subjects for my photography, with their bold colors and detailed knitting. Perhaps I can use them for a later post showing the use of color contrast filters with B&W film…

  4. Julie Fukuda Reply

    As a Canon EOS fan, I don’t know much about other cameras. I am slowly being converted to digital and have thought of buying a version that would work with all my great lenses. Then I begin to remember how heavy that camera bag is…
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Wendy Reply

    Really cool monsters. Great photography, the colors are so vivid.

  6. momobz Reply

    I follow Quilt Otaku and am avid fan of applique and japanese quilting. Your photography blog is off to a great start! Good luck!
    I miss the bay area!

  7. Zizophora Reply

    Hey there, I stopped by via the quilting world and I love those monsters, but this is a very cool blog too! Will add it to my favorites list. I didn’t know anyone used film anymore.

  8. Jane Reply

    I follow Quilt Otaku and I’m also a fan of Japanese quilting. I believe there is a connection in being a quiltmaker and a photographer. Sometimes I find myself just as picky with my quilt photos as I am with the process of making the quilt itself. And I just purchased my third camera for this purpose. That should be proof enough!!

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